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A paternity action is filed by an unmarried mother or unmarried father where they have minor children together. The father's paternity must be established if an unmarried mother wishes to obtain and enforce child support for a minor child. An unmarried father may wish to disprove his paternity in order to counteract child support obligations for a child that is not his. An unmarried father may also seek to prove his paternity in order to take legal responsibility for a child and be awarded custody or visitation rights through the courts.

If you need legal assistance as either a mother or father in a Southern California paternity action, we recommend that you contact the Law Offices of Susanne A. Coine for a consultation. As a Calabasas paternity lawyer, Ms. Coine can help you through the legal process involved. Our firm has considerable legal experience in all facets of paternity cases and has assisted many mothers and fathers in protecting their rights and the rights of their children.

Paternity Cases

If the mother and father of a child are not married when the child is born, then a paternity action is taken to establish the father's parentage where it is disputed. DNA testing can prove or disprove paternity. Establishing the biological parentage of the child can have many benefits. These include financial support, family medical history, health insurance or other benefits where applicable, as well as potential inheritance benefits.

Another way to establish legal responsibility for the child is for both parents to sign a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity at the time the child is born or shortly thereafter.

Where paternity is disputed, it is handled through the courts. Our firm has assisted individuals on both sides of this issue with skilled legal support.

Contact a Calabasas paternity attorney at the firm for sensitive and competent legal assistance in any paternity case.

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As a solo practitioner, Susanne A. Coine will personally handle your case from the initial consultation through the conclusion of the matter. Your case will never get lost in the shuffle or handled off to another, less experienced attorney or paralegal. Susanne provides first-rate legal services, prompt responses and individualized attention to each and every client. Susanne will go above and beyond to protect your interests and strategize to help you find solutions with integrity, compassion and dedication.

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